MONREAUX is the designer backpack brand for women.
Why backpacks?
To empower her daily ritual.
Over the years, our friends kept asking us where to find a beautiful leather backpack that was actually comfortable and actually functional.  
We couldn't find one.
We felt a stigma about backpacks in women's fashion, and we decided it exists simply because no one is designing them correctly for HER.  
Our goal was simple: Be the the first brand in the world to use real leather to craft timeless silhouettes tailored on a technical backbone for the curves of her body.  She will be confident in any situation, and never feel out of place.
And last, we committed to operating 100% in North America, not half way around the world. We are born in Los Angeles, and we manufacture our premium leather goods in Mexico.
We chose Mexico as the home of our vertically integrated factory for our love of authentic leather craft, and so that we can be sewing on the factory floor and roaming streets of Los Angeles on the same day.
Don't let your bag define you.  Be Definitive.